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Automate 80% of repeat writing, thinking, and creative tasks. Your voice and style included.

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Spiral converting inputs into outputs

A World of Possibilities

You can build Spirals to accelerate any writing task. You train it on examples, so your outputs are exactly how you want them.

Powerful Prompt Builder

Everything you need to scale yourself and your team to work faster and smarter, not harder.

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Start at 80% on repetitive writing and thinking tasks

Transform your content into tweets, PRDs, proposals, summaries, and more.

Output in your voice, tone, and style

Spiral will create outputs in the voice and style that you train it on.

Share with your team and maximize quality

Once you build a Spiral, share it publicly—or just with your team.

How It Works

Making a Spiral takes two minutes. Once it’s built, you can share, edit, and run it as many times as you want.

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You name an input and output format.
You can use Spiral to transform anything—writing, thinking, or decision-making.

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Next, you provide examples.
We use your examples to match your desired voice, tone, style, and structure.

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Patterns icon

Spiral extracts patterns from the text.
It deduces the voice and style of the examples you submitted.

image of Spiral extracting patterns
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Run (and re-run) your Spiral.
Use Spiral to iterate on your output until you’re satisfied.

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Run this Spiral

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Share with your team.
Automatically set the bar for quality and style.

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Build Your Own Spiral

See what others in our community are making.

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Dan uses Spiral to generate tweets from each podcast he records.

image of a final Spiral running

Run this Spiral

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Brandon uses Spiral to craft consulting proposals from his notes.

image of a final Spiral running

Run this Spiral

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Keshav built a Spiral to generate cover image ideas for essays.

image of a final Spiral running

Run this Spiral

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Meghna uses Spiral to write introductions to essays.

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Run this Spiral

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What people are saying

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Ali Abdaal

YouTuber, Ali Abdaal

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Spiral is awesome! It drastically speeds up the time it takes to convert videos, voice notes, and podcasts into first drafts of written content. Can't wait to incorporate more of this into our workflows.

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Ben Tossell

Founder, Ben's Bites

Every other content repurposing tool I’ve tested has lacked that certain something which doesn’t hit the mark. Spiral hits the mark and more, the outputs don’t feel stuffy and AI-generated. It’s a go-to tool for our repurposing.

Profile Picture
Lenny Rachitsky

Founder, Lenny’s Newsletter

Profile Picture

Spiral has been a huge asset in our post production process. By inputting our transcripts, we receive a customized output tailored specifically for our show notes. This gives us a strong foundation to build upon, streamlining the entire process. When we get an especially great output, we can further train the model to produce more outcomes like that, so the more you use it, the better it gets.

Profile Picture
Sam Koppelman

Publisher, Hunterbrook Media

Profile Picture

Spiral handles the enervating parts of writing—the redundant processes, the mind-numbing copying and pasting, the banging your head against the wall thinking HOW AM I DOING THIS AGAIN—and lets you focus on the parts of the creative process that still energize.


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